A non refundable $60 Registration Fee made to Antique Boat America must accompany all Registration Forms. At the completion of the sale, the Seller of reserved entries pays AntiqueBoatAmerica 10% of the sale price as a commission upon successful sale of boat. Seller of unreserved entries pays AntiqueBoat America 10% of the sale price as a commission upon successful sale of boat. All Buyers pay a 10% buyer's premium upon completion of purchase on reserved and unreserved boats.
NO RESERVE attracts serious bidders. “NO RESERVE” generates auction-block excitement, which typically equates to higher prices.
Yes, unless you are a Dealer, or authorized agent
Yes. Please call Peter at 613 720 0049. Boats are to be delivered at the Antique Boat Museum Parking Lot at 750 Mary St., Clayton, NY
No, we have a holding area that allows the transport company to off-load.
We encourage either the consignor or their representatives to be with the boat when going over the auction block. After all, who knows your boat better? You should also be available to answer questions regarding your boats history.
Yes, are detailers available on-site that provide this service for a fee.
Yes, but it is your responsibility to uncover your boat for viewing, and maintain control of your cover.
Yes, we encourage such things as documentation and awards to be displayed. Although keep in mind you have limited space, therefore be selective about what you chose to display. Items must be kept inside the boat.
Yes, this will increase the credibility, and ensure bidding confidence to all potential buyers.
When your boat sells it will stay until the auction is over. If it doesn’t sell it will stay in the sales area where our trained staff will be there to market your boat to potential buyers.
You should complete the Registration Contract as soon as possible and certainly no later than August 3rd. The auction area will be available to store and exhibit boats on August 4th. We ask you to bring your boat in early for full exposure to potential buyers. If registered by July 1, you will be included in extensive advertising, worldwide web listing, color flyers and pictures.
When an item is entered in the auction and Registration is completed and paid ($60USD) and if reserved that amount is established. The seller must provide a good marketable title (transferable registration) for the boat and trailer, if included. Original paperwork must be given to Antique Boat America.com prior to the auction. Keys for the boat should be available.
There Are Two Ways Of Disposing Of A Boat Or Motor Through The Auction:
  • Boats may be donated to the museum. A donor should check with his tax accountant or advisor to determine the tax saving benefits of gifting an item to the Museum. The Museum must pre-approve the gift.
  • An item may be consigned to the auction. The seller pays a non-refundable $60 registration to the Antique Boat Museum. If the owner wants to set a price under which the boat is not to be sold a "reserve" can be established on the registration form.