Required Views

Submit 12 or more quality photos of different views of your boat. These are to be used for print and website advertising and also in promotional activities.

  • 1 Front view – showing the full front and one side of the back.
  • 1 Rear view – showing the full rear and other side of the back.
  • 1 Side view – showing the full side of the back.
  • 1 Interior view
  • 1 Engine view

Quality photos consist of the following criteria

  • Good lighting conditions (no heavy shadows, no large ‘wash-out’ areas).
  • Good Composition (all of boat included in picture frame with adequate space around the vehicle and center positioning of boat in picture).
  • No photos including people, animals, display cards, etc. around or in boat.
  • No photos taken inside a warehouse surrounded by other boats.
File Format

Photo submissions should be in jpeg file form. If your camera produces a file format other than these two, you’ll need to use the software that came with your camera to convert the images to the proper format.

Subject Line

The subject line in your e-mail should include the following items

  • Lot numbers (if known) of your consignments.
  • Boat year/make/model.
  • Consignor’s name

Example: ID: 12346 John Smith 1922 Chris Craft Cadet